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—Garden design. I tell people where to put plants.

Quarto episódio da segunda temporada de Lovesick.

All Day Long

—You know, you’re gardening all day long, you’re watching your shows at night, you spend all your time with the dog and no people.
—I do what I want.

Segundo episódio da primeira temporada de Enlightened.


Because gardening requires so much patience and attention, gardeners have a unique sense of time and perspective.

—Austin Kleon (Keep Going)

Pétalas à chuva

Magnolia stellata 'Royal star'

Magnolia stellata 'Royal star'

Magnolia stellata 'Royal star'

Pétalas da Grande-cerejeira-branca, Prunus serrulata ‘Tai-haku’ nas folhas da Magnolia stellata ‘Royal star’.
Fuji XT-1, Zeiss Touit 50mm, VSCO Hilford HP5+.